Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week Two: Exercise

Bonjour mes amis,

It's 10:30pm and I have to be up at 4am to dog pile into the car for a trip up north for the weekend, so this will be a short post with no French.

I was bad again, but in a different way. I worked REALLY hard Monday... which left me sore all week. In fact, my legs are *still* sore. I didn't work out at all the rest of the week, I decided I should let my poor abused body recover. But next week I've got it down. Not too much, not too little, juuuuuuuust right (Goldie Locks, anyone?). I hope.

I'll post again upon my return to share about the trip to Lake Kabby!

À demain,
Mlle Delphine


French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

You may recall the posts I made about my calves and is important to work out Goldilocks-style.

Just remember that walking is always a good form of exercise (unless your environment happens to be next to the toxic fumes of a nuclear plant, of course).

Have a safe and wonderful trip! ^.^

-French Bean

Delphine said...

I got plenty of exercise this weekend for sure! :) Will have to post about it tonight or tomorrow, super tired.