Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here's the Mail, It Never Fails. It Makes Me Want to Wag My Tail!

Bonjour mes amis,

Today I woke up to the sound of shattering glass... on my carpeted bedroom. I love my kitten. I then proceeded to clean it up, get dressed, throw on shoes and grab an umbrella to go across the street in a solid downpour to check the mail for my movie. It hadn't even come yet. It was about nine in the morning. Heh. Heheheh. *Twitch* I went to bed after two in the morning. What's wrong with me? Why can't I sleep in until noon?? Je suis malade! T.T

As for the retelling of yesterday's tale:

I ran out to grab the mail again (Er, not again since it was first? Je ne sais pas.) except this time it had come, and a letter from the College Board came! I had it opened before I made it back across the street, and guess what? I PASSED!! I get college credit for World History, assuming my college of choice in Québec accepts it. I know McGill does, and that's a definite possibility right now. I just saved myself about $1-2,000.

When my mother came home, of course she asked about it and had some things to say, and then she went through the rest of the mail. Oh look, my driver's license came finally! Sweet! It had a bad picture though and I knew it, so I hadn't really been looking for it.

"And Delphine proves her dorkiness yet again! She notices her score on a test but not that her driver's license came." Thanks Mom. Love you too.

I also started my day off with listening to a Yale professor lecture about music. It's pretty cool, I found it with StumbleUpon and it's got a ton of free lectures you can look into. I also went on iTunes and grabbed a bunch of free ones from elsewhere. There was some stuff on French, but either it was really really basic or a level or two above me, unfortunately.

As for my blog, I found Blog This! It's actually pretty neat for Google Chrome users. It gives you an icon next to the address bar that you can click and it'll open up a new window with a new post, starting with a link to the page/title and whatever text you have highlighted. I tried it out with the video I posted a few days ago (and granted, you can't highlight a video..) but I did like not having to come all the way to blogger when I felt like sharing that.

I think I'm going to wait until noon before I check the mail again.

À demain,
Mlle Delphine


French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Congratulations for your college credit! Hard work certainly does pay off! ^.^

And as for the license picture: on the day of the driver's exam, I didn't even bother making myself look nice; I was too busy revising the step to making a 4-way stop.

My portrait features me against a slightly-lighter-than-royal-blue background. I wore a sunshine-yellow shirt with loud orange flowers. And, thanks to the humidity and lack of Paul Mitchell mousse, my hair was out of control.

I still have to wait a couple more years before I can change this photo.

(I hope that, based on my description, you feel better about your picture.)

-French Bean

Delphine said...

Thank you very much!

And yes, that does make me feel a little better haha. I was just so excited I passed I didn't think to make myself look nice. Ah well, assuming all goes well, no one will ever have to see it except me. :)