Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ratchet (& Clank)

Bonjour, mes amis!

This is a ratchet:

Er, at least that's the only ratchet Google Images decided to come up with. I'm actually talking about the tool here! Last night I got to help mon beau-père (C'mon, you can remember this one!) travaille (work) en la motorcyclette de mon père (If "Beau" père is step father.. Père would be?). I've never done anything mechanically related before, but I've been nagging him for a while about oil changes. I don't want to have to depend on a man if I don't want to, you know? Plus it's kinda fun. We were changing the buttons and the grips on the handle bars, so I got to use a ratchet to undo the screws and all that.

Ours doesn't look quite like this, but it's close enough to get the idea. It's basically a screwdriver with movable parts. In theory, the movable parts help you to get screws that are in interesting places. In practice, the movable parts meant I had a lot of trouble using it on normally-placed screws.

The motorcycle is pretty much finished so I only got to see some of the cosmetic ends of things, but Mom has been nagging my step-father for a while about getting the Honda an oil change. Yessss! It's bound to come eventually, right? Plus as soon as I clean my desk, Jeff agreed to show me how to wax my the car that I'm using for the next two years.

À demain,
Mlle Delphine

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French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Being mechanically-challenged, I wouldn't know how to use one of those contraptions even if they paid me...I still have trouble uncorking wine bottles. :-P

-French Bean