Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Friends are my World

Bonjour, mes amis!

What a day! This morning I finally was able to spend an hour or two chatting with a dear friend of mine who's having a rough time, and I feel so much better. I was pretty stressed out and worried for a while but I do believe all will be well again in due time. :)

Afterwards, I rushed to go pick up E, as I'm visiting the cities this weekend, so we could enjoy our day. It was supposed to be brunch, but I don't think I got there until a little after noon because I really needed to speak to my troubled friend so I could relax. I've known E since the early years in elementary school so it's always nice to get together with her. We ate at The Neighborhood Café (Hmm... Does that count as un mot francais?) and chatted about how stupid boys can be. Afterwards, we stopped at Jamba Juice, which by the way, is the best smoothie place ever, and then headed for the river. I love the Mississippi River.

It was quite peaceful... until we were disturbed by a bee and both decided it was time to leave.

We hung out at her house for a while and fixed up her blog situation so that her personal life doesn't get mixed in with her obession over Doctor Who. Alright, I'll give her that David Tennant is pretty cute! I haven't seen the newest doctor though. If you're interested, you can keep up with her at (DrWho) or (Whimsy).

While we were chatting, we ended up reminiscing about the different French teachers we've had over the years. I've never had the same one for more than a full year. In fact, I've only had two for full years and I've taken four years of French! Those were the two teachers we both shared, and it was agreed upon that our first teacher was the best we ever had. Asseyez-vous, levez-vous, asseyez-vous, levez-vous, asseyez-vous dans la poubelle. He was really awesome, I can't do him justice just by writing about him, but I can say that I owe it to him for my passion of the language! And then we found him online. We emailed him, and I do hope to hear back from him soon.

We also visited a local store and such but I had to head back home for dinner. It was definitely a de-stressing day and well needed! Merci beaucoup, universal powers that be, for giving me something in return out of all of the worrying I've done the last few days.

À demain,
Mlle Delphine

EDIT: Monsieur C replied! And remembers us! Today is a good day.


French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Sit in the garbage can.

I like this guy already!

(I've never even seen the Mississippi river.)

-French Bean

Delphine said...

Oh yes, we did all sorts of ridiculous things. It worked so well though! My personal favorite was when he had a student kiss his shoe.