Saturday, July 03, 2010

Odd Dreams

Bonjour mes amis,

It's 5:27 am. I went to bed at midnight. I cannot sleep... So here I sit, with me, myself, and I. I had some sort of weird dream last night that made me really solemn and I don't really know why. The only part I can remember is talking to a girl from my school named Mary, about another girl who seemed to be completely made up, but had committed suicide. Mary told me that the other girl stole her phone, she knew it because they found it in her things, and the guilt was just too much. I asked how they knew she stole her phone. She said she guessed they didn't.

There's absolutely nothing I can connect that to right now. There was more to the dream I can't remember, though. My Canadian friend, Ryan, was somehow in the mix. I don't remember. Dreams are funny things... it's my third one this week. Kinda odd how you can have no dreams for months, and out of no where have them again. People say that when you stop dreaming it's because you've lost your soul. Does that mean I've found mine?

I'm not particularly religious. I believe in science over faith in these sort of things. But still, one can't help but wonder, because there will always be more questions and science will never have all the answers.

À demain,
Mlle Delphine


Sotepop said...

I've been having some odd dreams lately too. And I haven't dreamt in quite awhile.

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

I hardly have dreams, really, but when I do, they often are so surreal that they leave me wondering what the heck was going on.

My mother is quite superstitious, and she says that if you don't tell someone about a "bad" dream, then there's a chance that it may come true. o_O" However, if it is a good dream, keep your mouth shut.

-French Bean