Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Junior Year: Day One

Bonjour mes amis!

Today was my first day back in school since early June. It was mostly what I expected, to be honest, but still worth mentioning here. I got my license over the summer so it was my first time driving to school. I'm thankful my step dad warned me to go in the side way without the stop lights. He was right: there was already an accident there by time I arrived around 7:40am. School starts at 8:05. After standing in line for a half hour to get my schedule because they decided to make EVERYONE print them out individually after changing ALL of the passwords instead of just having them in the gym like previously, I went to AP U.S. History (Furthermore known as APUSH) about ten minutes late, feeling ready for the test I stayed up until midnight studying for. When I walked in, however, I was told I had open today. The class is a hybrid (Class every other day, opens when we don't have class) because there are so many students, but they never explained to us how this would work until we stumbled into class frantic about a test on the first day of the school year.

Second hour was AP Language and Composition (Furthermore known as AP Lang). We spent the whole hour listening to him give us directions explaining the summer homework.. that was due that day. Or so we thought! He extended the due date. I was kinda mad, but I just turned it in anyways instead of correcting a few mistakes- chances are he won't notice them anyways. Then he went over the syllabus we'd already signed and turned in at the end of last year. It sounds like this class won't really be covering any new material that Pre AP didn't cover. I'm a little disappointed, but we'll see how it goes.

Third hour is Team Sports, for my required gym credits. I hate gym with a bloody passion, but the teacher seems pretty nice, and to my surprise I knew one Sophomore in the class: Syd. She's a theatre buddy! I'm still trying to find a shirt to let sit in my gym locker for the next 3 months minus the occasional washing.

Fourth hour is Pre-Calculus Honors (furthermore known as Precalc). Simple stuff on the first day, but it's still a bit of a struggle because of how long it's been since we've worked on any of this slope crap. Worm is funny though, he picks on people and it's hilarious. I will probably end up spending time getting extra help before/after school. My goal for math this tri is a B+.

Fifth hour is choir. I love choir. 'Nuff said.

Sixth was open period. Not much today, I did my math homework and read a little bit. Tomorrow starts the French review.

Lastly, I had Physics Honors. Oh dear. I think I'm going to fail that class. I really hope I can get a study group together. It's not a normal college-level AP class, it's TWO YEARS of class shoved into one, and there is a high expectation for good math skills. Have I mentioned that math is my worst subject? We're starting math stuff tomorrow, and then on Monday we have our first test. Homework doesn't go towards our grades, period. I'm f'ed, that's usually what keeps me at a C or B in math class. Please, please, oh friends of Facebook, respond to my bribes of lots of home-baked goods at a study group!!

As for theatre, I've decided to just tech. While I do want to audition, Mme Hanson wants me to basically lead the French club, which I am totally enthused about, but I couldn't miss a day of practice for it every week without getting kicked out of the production. So I'll stick to being a costume/makeup/hair techie! Also, I wanted to ask Mave about Spirit Players (Acting for little kids to educate them about living a healthy life style. Think "Live Above the Influence" and that sort of thing), but I didn't see her after school. I think she leaves early or something, I'll try to find her again tomorrow.

So yeah, that's pretty much my first day. It was long... but I think this school year will be interesting. Challenging if nothing else.

Bring it on, Junior Year! (Just kidding. Please be nice.)

À demain,
Mlle Delphine


French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Bonne chance, ma chère! ^.^

You seem to be in for a very busy year!

-French Bean

Delphine said...

Oh yes, it'll be interesting for sure. :)