Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sleep Deprived, Not Dead [Yet]!

Bonjour mes amis,

Today I'm home sick, so I have time to write again! How I miss just being able to ramble on my blog. But, life is being pretty exciting right now, which I can't argue against. I'm teching for the school musical, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, helping with costumes, props, makeup, hair, etc. I'm turning in my Spirit Players application on Friday, but it's more of a signup than an application, everyone gets in. It's a pretty cool group though! A lot of kids from theatre are in it, and it's basically us performing skits and whatnot to promote healthy lifestyles to kids in elementary schools in the area.

I also had my interview for robotics last week, and yesterday I got my acceptance letter! That's pretty awesome because there are loads of people who want to get in and only a small amount are allowed. I'm guessing I'll probably end up marketing, but CAD would be super fun too. CAD is Computer Aided Design.. Basically you get to help design the robot using computers. :) (Yes, I'ma geek, hush.)

Speech doesn't start until like Januaryish, but that'll be coming up in a few months as well. Robotics doesn't really kick off until that time as well but I know we'll be doing other stuff until then. They host the Halloween dance at the school every year, and while I've never gone, everyone who has always raves about it. The robotics team gets some serious love from our school.

Oh, and Ren Fest! I went to the Renaissance Festival a week or two ago and it was so much fun! But I wish I would've had a better costume. Mine will make a good Halloween costume (with some alterations to make it look a little more frightening) but it wasn't really in the right time period, probably a few hundred years later. At first I was just going to go for something more like what my mother has, you know, skirt, blouse, corset. Traditional. Then my mother started talking about gypsies and belly dancers and... Long story short, I want to go as a belly dancer next year. I love the jingly coins and whatnot on their costumes too! I also want to get some sort of instructional DVD for Christmas (Come on, what belly dancer doesn't know how to belly dance at least a little?) to my parents' dismay. But I'm excited. While Barb the French Bean over at Two Beans or Not Two Beans is going to be hotter than Shakira, I'm going to be able to shake it better than her! (;

Au Revoir!
Mlle Delphine

P.S. I'm so loving autumn. The leaves are changing, the weather is cool but not too cold, apple cider (particularly the Apple Blast from Caribou) is amazing, and I'm ready for pumpkins, apple picking, corn mazes, bonfires, hoodies, and Halloween!

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