Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Bonjour mes amis!

This week has been totally AWESOME. I went shopping last Friday with my friend Jayme to look at Homecoming dresses. She ended up buying one online. I wtfpwned my Pre-Calc test and the half of the Physics test I took yesterday, I slacked off in all of my classes all week (I played cards during math and got yelled at by the teacher.. mehehehe). I got to watch the insane themed outfits people put together for each day of the week. I made an awesome two layer cake after baking four layers (two were unsuccessful. Don't ask.) which was quickly devoured before first hour, resulting in a group of boys literally bowing before me. I do believe I'll have to bake again soon. That same day, I had an amazing pumpkin-y cupcake, homemade, reserved for me. Yesterday another friend brought in a Homecoming-themed brownie, both of which were equally drool-worthy.

Yesterday it seemed as though the entire school was blue and gold, and I've made it my goal to make sure I own more blue and gold clothing for next year! All the classes were shortened thanks to the hour long pepfest at the end of the day, which was hilarious. I can never remember his name, but this guy with red curly hair who likes to turn it into an afro, did the Napoleon Dynomite dance.. it was bad, but in a hilarious way. He got a standing ovation. The dance team did awesome as always, same goes for the drum line! I lost my ability to scream for a little while after the pepfest. Then last night was the football game, and we beat our rivals. Surely this is only a sign of good things to come!

And today? Today is the day to party it up in celebration of kicking their asses and welcoming home all of the graduates who are visiting! I'm doing my nails now, then jumping in the shower in a little bit before heading over to Jayme's to do hair and makeup. Then we're off to a party for a few hours before the dance, then the dance till 11, and we'll see where things go from there. Usually ends up with an after party at someone's place. I'm so ready for today, just totally destress after all of the hell pre-calc and physics has put me through these past few weeks.

Homecoming 2010, Baby!!

Au revoir,
Mlle Delphine

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French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

It take courage to do the Napoleon Dynamite dance. That sounds awesome!

-Barb the French Bean