Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Muse In Concert

Bonjour mes amis,

Last night I went to the Muse concert and it was absolutely AMAZING. Definitely one of the best nights of my life thus far! The lighting was incredible and it even got a good review in the paper. It's a shame it wasn't sold out, it ought to have been. The set list was fantastic, including a lot of songs every Muse fan knew and several that weren't quite as well known to add some variety in the mix. They went all out on their performance, it was spectacular. They each stood on one of these giant pillars to begin with and after a few songs they lowered so there was stuff on the floor of the stage and all sorts of craziness. In one song, the piano light up as he played. They did a cool instrumental version of the Star Spangled Banner and a cover of Feelin' Good.. at one point, one of the singers was using a megaphone. Epic.

But back to the pillars-- There was almost constant special lighting on them. It was a mix of artistic images and animations, lyrics, and live video feeds of closeups of the members of the band. There were SO many lights and lasers, it was amazing. Oh, did I mention I had a floor ticket? Yeah, the "No Moshing" on the wrist bands didn't do much.. For all of the upbeat songs, there was constant moshing. In fact, I have the crazy desire to start pumping my fist in the air and jumping up and down when I listen to some of their songs now.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Muse, it's a band from the U.K. that's sort of like alternative rock. They have a really cool sound to them though. Their newest album, The Resistance, was released November last year, so it's not quite one year old yet. The band itself, I believe, is 16. They had Supermassive Black Hole used in Twilight and Knights of Cydonia in Guitar Hero, so chances are you've heard them and just not recognized them. Here are those two songs, plus my personal favorite, Resistance.

Supermassive Black Hole

Knights of Cydonia



À demain,
Mlle Delphin


French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Muse is somewhat popular here in France. ^.^

-Barb the French Bean

Delphine said...

I always knew the French were awesome.

Sotepop said...

Love. <3