Monday, June 21, 2010

Wanted: Bilingual Spanish-English Telemarketing Representative in Aisle Six

Bonjour, mes amis!

Please, allow me the pleasure of a quick rant or simply skip this paragraph. Why do I need five years of experience to answer a telephone and do other clerical activities? Why do I need a degree to operate a cash register? Why must I learn Spanish to work at McDonalds? I'm dedicated. I need this job. If I want to go to college and have anything at all resembling a life so that I'm capable of helping others and making some sort of an affect on this world, I need money. And to get money? I need a job. If you know any company that's hiring, I would be ecstatic to work for them! J'ai besoin d'un occupation!

I do hate to rant, though, and my day has been quite lovely so I'll leave the unpleasant adult worries at that. Today I drove to Kayla's house with my recently obtained driver's license! We hung out for a few minutes before quickly deciding to go to Target. Here we bought some random things. I got a fedora (as pictured to the right) and she got a floppy awesome hat along with a flyleaf CD, toilet paper, and a few other random objects. While wandering the store, we accomplished many things. I had my first light-saber fight in the middle of an aisle, for example! We also took one of those giant bouncy balls from the metal cage and played catch in the middle of the same aisle. We (read: I) accidentally knocked down some things so we decided we should probably move along. After picking them up, of course. On our way back to her house and then when I was heading home, I wore my fedora and sunglasses-- très chik-- and felt like an epic ninja spy lady. It was legit. Then I went out to eat at Lakeside Supper Club in Montgomery with my mother, step-father, and younger step-sister (whom I will now just call my little sister)! Six ounce fillet mignon avec les champignons et frites (with mushrooms and fries). The strawberry smoothie was also *amazing*! What I'd do to get that recipe!

While I was sleeping on my ride home, my dearest friend Kayla had disaster strike her unexpectedly! She sang the National Anthem at a local raceway, and while walking in the bleachers, caught her foot and managed to injure both of them badly enough she can't walk without severe pain. Thankfully on our way home, we stopped at the grocery store and got chocolate chips. Tomorrow I will be making Puppy Chow and going to Kayla's to watch some movies with her! (:

À demain,
Mlle Delphine

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